Permanent Magnetic Overband Metal Separators

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Permanent Magnetic Overband Metal Separators
Permanent Magnetic Overband Metal Separators
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Öztaş permanent magnetic band metal separators are used as standard for removing unwanted metals inside conveyors. Belt metal separators; It consists of main magnetic block, endless separator band, motor and magnetic insulated steel chassis main component. The steel chassis of the ÖZT-M series magnetic separators with permanent magnets is magnetically insulated. And the unwanted metal does not cling around. In cross-band applications and parallel metal separator in tape applications length, minimum conveyor width should be as much. Two tensioners of the magnetic separator Includes drum. tension drums checking the tension of the belt Provides safety for The two sides pcs smash material magnetic block with tape It prevents metal from getting in between. The direct coupled belt motor is uninterrupted and Provides lossless power transmission and cone-locked drums provide ease of service. Cross and parallel application of metal separators on the conveyor on the magnetic band can be done. Cross application to any point of the conveyor up to 30 degree angle can be placed. In parallel application, metal will be held and left at the point where the conveyor chute can be placed at a distance

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