Stakma Palletmax

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Stakma Palletmax
Stakma Palletmax
  • 217İncelenme Sayısı
  • 15348İlan No
  • 16 Eylül 2020 İlan Tarihi
  • 2020Yılı
  • NakitÖdeme Tipi
  • SatılıkDurumu
  • SahibindenKimden


In the changing world economy, many manufacturing industries lack workers. As production needs grow, we offer you to increase production efficiency without additional workforce. A simple and effective way to produce more production. You will reduce production costs like electricity, air consumption, maintenance of machinery. This machinery will allow you to take step ahead of your competitors and think easier. Machine templates can be changed within 10 minutes
Machine has replaceable pallet templates. Templates can be changed within 10 minutes. With this solution, you can produce many different kind of pallets. Do not need to adjust the entire machinery and spend a lot of time for adjusting.

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